How to Send a Text to an Irish Number

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You can text an Irish number fairly easily.

Sending a text to an Irish number is not quite as simple as sending a text to a number within the United States. Because of the different phone number systems and the fact that the number is in a different country, you will need to dial several numbers in addition to the actual phone number you want to text. Fortunately, it is easy to learn how to text Irish numbers.


Step 1

Write out your text on your phone. Do this exactly the same way you would if you were texting an American number; there is no need to alter the way you write the text itself.

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Step 2

Navigate your way to the field that asks you for the number to which you want to send the text. On many phones, you merely need to press "Send" after writing the text to open this address field.


Step 3

Enter the numbers "011" into this phone number field. This is the United States' exit code, which you must dial before any international calls or texts can be made—except to Canadian numbers, which you can treat exactly the same way as American numbers.

Step 4

Enter the numbers "353" into this field, which should now read "011353." 353 is Ireland's country code and will direct your call to the correct country.



Step 5

Enter the phone number into your phone. If the phone number you have starts with a "0," omit this and begin with the next digit. For instance, if the phone number which you want to text is "086 234 5678," you would simply enter "862345678" without the first "0." Your number should now read, "011353862345678."

Step 6

Press the "Send" or similar button on your phone to send the text.

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