How to Send an SMS to Hong Kong

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Send SMS messages from your cell phone or via Skype.

Advanced technology offers you the convenience of sending SMS (short message service) messages to international phone numbers, including Hong Kong, using your cell phone. Skype also allows you to send SMS to any phone number, whether or not the number is already listed in your contacts.


Cell Phone

Step 1

From your cell phone, select the photo, audio or video file you want to send to the recipient. Click on the "Options" menu or equivalent to start a new picture or multimedia message. The file should be automatically attached to the message. If your chosen file does not attach, try starting a new message and then attaching the file. Exact procedure will vary by phone model.

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Step 2

In the "To:" or address field of your new message, type the digits 011 852–the international dial code and country code, respectively, for dialing Hong Kong–followed by either an eight- or 11-digit phone number.


Step 3

Add a text message or caption describing the attached file, then send your message. Character limits–including spaces–for messages that with photo, video, or music files will vary by phone model. Most have a 1,000-character limit, though some may have more and others less. When you pull up a new message with your photo, video, or music file attached, the maximum number of allowed characters should show up in the upper left or right corner of your new message screen.


Step 1

If you have a Skype account, sign in. If you do not have one, you will need to download the software and create a Skype name and password. After you have signed in, pull down the "Tools" menu and select "Send SMS Message."


Step 2

Type the Hong Kong phone number that you want to send your SMS message to, then click "Add." Type the phone number as you would if you were dialing the same number from your land line or cell phone: First type the international dial code (011) followed by the country code (852), and finally either an eight- or 11-digit phone number.

Step 3

Type and send your message. You are allowed 160 total characters, which includes spaces for one single SMS. As you type your message, the number of remaining characters will be updated. If your message exceeds 160 characters, it will be sent in multiple parts of two or more messages. In these cases, additional charges will be applied. In addition to character limits, Skype also informs you of the fee per SMS message as you are typing so that you are well-informed prior to clicking "Send."

Things You'll Need

  • Your cell phone

  • Hong Kong phone number

  • Internet connection

  • Skype free download

  • Skype credits


Whether you send SMS messages from your cell phone or via Skype, you may want to check ahead of time to make sure the number you want to send your message to can receive photo, audio or video messages. Otherwise, your recipient may not be able to extract your file from his phone.

Also, most phones have a maximum of 50 KB allowance for files sent within SMS messages. Refer to your cell phone user guide for specific details regarding file size limits.

At this time, Skype only allows text SMS messages. If you want to share photos, music, or videos with someone in Hong Kong, your best option is to use your cell phone to send those SMS messages.


If your current cell phone plan already includes unlimited text messaging, you should not be charged additional for any text, audio, photo or video messages you send to Hong Kong. However, if you do not have unlimited text messaging, standard text and media messaging rates will apply. Check with your cell phone carrier for applicable pricing.

Because text messaging rates also apply when you use Skype to send SMS messages to Hong Kong, you must purchase or already have enough Skype credits prior to sending your message. As of 2010, the prices are 63 cents (or 72 cents once you add in the value added taxes fee) per message you send to Hong Kong. The “Send SMS Message” option will not show up unless you have enough credits.


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