How to Text to a Cell Phone in Mexico

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Sending a text message to Mexico requires a little extra attention to detail.

Although carrying a cell phone allows you to make a call whenever and, generally, from wherever you want, it's not always convenient to pick up the phone and talk. In this instance, you can send a text message to your friends or family members to convey a short message or sentiment. If you're sending a text message to Mexico, then you'll need to make sure your recipient's phone number is in the correct format and that you include Mexico's "country code" prior to sending.


Step 1

Inspect the number to ensure it's in the correct format. According to, Mexican cell phone numbers include extraneous prefixes, such as "044" or "045," that you need to use only when you're calling the phone and only from within Mexico. Mexican phone numbers are 10 digits: a three-digit area code and seven-digit main number.


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Step 2

Enter Mexico's country code (and then the phone number) within a blank text message. Mexico's country code is "+52." When sending a text to Mexico, you can either hold down the "0" key on your phone to form a "+" sign, or type "0052." Input your correctly-formatted number into the "Recipient" field.


Step 3

Compose and send your message. Click your phone's "Send" button once you've written and proofread your message. Keep an eye on the length of your message, as messages over a certain character count constitute two or more messages. Your device will specify this within the "Message" interface.


Consult your mobile phone contract or call your cell phone company if you're unclear as to what your rates are for sending texts to Mexico. You may be subject to higher charges for doing so, therefore it's important to know this prior to sending messages, especially if you plan to send them regularly.


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