How to Send Fonts by Email

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Sharing files computer to computer is often complicated by missing fonts. Nearly every computer user has seen the dialog box that reads, "missing font." They look at the computer screen and see a jumbled mess of text instead of a beautifully formatted document. It is helpful to understand where fonts are stored on your computer, so they can be copied and sent via email.


Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Email account
  • Winzip or similar program

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Step 1

On a PC go to "Start" and then to the "Control Panel." The font folder is located in the "Control Panel." In Windows Vista click the "Classic view" and find the "Font" folder. For Windows XP and older versions go to "Start," "Setting," "Control Panel" and find the font folder.


Step 2

Open the font folder and find the font file name. Highlight the font file and right click copy it. Do not drag the font file to another folder; always copy or you may lose your font file and will have to reinstall it.

Step 3

Paste the font file in a document folder or on the desk top by opening up explorer and finding the location you want to temporarily store the copied file. It needs to be in a location on your computer where your email account can upload it.



Step 4

Open your email account and open to new email file. Use the add attachment dialog box to browse for the font file that you have located in a temporary folder or on the desktop. Upload it.

Step 5

When you are sending multiple fonts or full font families; regular, italic, bold, condensed and extended version of one font, it is a good idea to zip the files first. Zip the font files from the document folder or desk top, not in the control panel. Upload the zip file to your email as an attachment.



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