How to Send Mass Email on Facebook

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Send Mass Email on Facebook

Facebook is being used by professionals, organizations and online business owners more and more. Sending mass e-mails is easier and faster than sending separate e-mails to all of your Facebook friends. It's important to learn how to use this feature to simplify your life and save your time. It's quite easy to learn, and takes only a few minutes to perform.

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Step 1

Sign into your Facebook account, using the user name and password you created when you signed up for the service.

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Step 2

From your dashboard, find the '"Friends" link on the left side of your computer screen. When you're taken to the next page, look to the left of your screen again and you'll see a link titled "Lists." If you've never created lists in Facebook, you'll have to create them in order to send mass e-mails.

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Step 3

If you want to send a mass e-mail to all of your friends, create a list of your friends. You can create multiple lists if you'd like, so that you can mass e-mail certain groups of individuals, such as family, potential customers or colleagues. Click on the "Create a list" link to the left of your screen, and name the list on the small pop-up box. Then add the friends you'd like to include in that list, saving it after you've finished.

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Step 4

After creating your lists, visit your inbox using the link at the top of your screen. You'll see to the right a link which will allow you to "Compose a New Message." Click that link, and an option will come up, allowing you to e-mail a list or individual friends. Enter the list that you'd like to mass e-mail.

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Step 5

Paste the pre-written message into the text box, and create a title for the message so your friends will know what you're writing to them about. When you're sure that the message is pasted and correct, click the send button below the text box.


Be careful to avoid spamming your friends, as it's against Facebook policy.