How to Set an MP3 As a Ringtone on an iPhone

By David Weedmark

Looking for a unique ring tone for your Apple iPhone? Here's a quick hack to change any MP3 into a custom ring tone file that is accepted by iOS 8. All you need is iTunes and the USB cable that came with your iPhone.

Step 1

Download the most recent version of [iTunes]( if you don't have iTunes 12 or higher. Click **My Music** and then select **Import File** from the **File** menu. Locate your song in the navigation window and click **Open**. This imports the MP3 to your iTunes music library, converting it to an M4A file.

Step 2

Right-click the imported MP3 and select **Get Info**. Click the **Options** tab. Trim the song down to the portion you want to use as a ring tone by changing the Start and Stop times. Ring tones must be shorter than 40 seconds.

Step 3

Right-click the MP3 title and select **Create AAC Version**. This creates a copy of the song in the music library, however its length is reduced to the playing time you specified.

Step 4

Right-click the shorter version of the song and select **Show in Windows Explorer**. A new Explorer window opens with the file already highlighted.

Step 5

Right-click the new song file and drag it from the Windows Explorer window onto the desktop. Select **Copy Here**.

Step 6

Right-click the song file on the desktop and select "Rename." Change the three-letter file extension from **M4A** to **M4R**. This changes the file from a normal audio -- A -- file to a ring tone -- R -- file that iTunes can recognize.

Step 7

Delete both versions of the imported song from the iTunes Music library by right-clicking each and selecting "Delete." This step is necessary in iTunes 12 so that iTunes won't mistake the ring tone as a duplicate of the song file that you already have.

Step 8

Click the bell-shaped **Tones** icon and then drag the M4R file from the desktop onto iTunes. The song is imported as a ring tone.

Step 9

Connect your iPhone to your computer using its the USB cable. Click the **iPhone** icon in iTunes and then click **Tones**. Click the **Sync Tones** check box if it's not already checked and then select the ring tone you just made. Click **Apply** to sync the new ring tone to the iPhone.

Step 10

Select **Settings** on the iPhone once the sync is complete. Tap **Sounds** and then select **Ringtone.** Your new ring tone appears near the top of the screen. Tap it to use it as your Phone's ring tone.