How to Set Current Location On a Garmin Nuvi

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A handheld GPS system can be a great tool to have if you are driving or traveling in another city, state or country. The Garmin Nuvi handheld GPS series is a great addition if you are a frequent traveler, or if you are just bad with directions, but in order to take advantage of all its features, you first need to know the basics, including how to set your current location.


Step 1

Turn on the system by sliding the switch on the top to the left. Wait for the system to load and click "Agree" when the warning message appears (Never use the Garmin Nuvi while you are driving).

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Step 2

Press "View Map" on the menu screen, and wait for the device to acquire the satellites to determine your current location. This could take up to a few minutes, depending on your location. If you get a message saying the device could not find the satellites, try moving outdoors or into a more open area.


Step 3

When the device has connected to a satellite, simply press on the blue arrow marking your current location. Note: the blue arrow is the default setting; if you have changed your vehicle, press on whatever you have set as your vehicle marker.


Step 4

A screen will pop up that shows your current coordinates and asks, "Do you want to save this location as a Favorite?" Click "Yes," and then enter whatever you want to name the location.


Step 5

Press "Menu," then "Where to?" and then select "Favorites." Here you will see the location you just entered and you can now navigate to and from this spot quickly and easily.


Never attempt to use a Garmin Nuvi or any GPS device while driving.



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