How to Set Garmin to Host

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Many Garmin GPS products now are already set up for data transfer when you connect them to your computer. Modern car units, such as the Nuvi models, will automatically go into the correct host mode once they are connected. Being a host refers to the unit being able to receive data without the needing a person to operate the transfer. But some older models might need to be set manually. Also, certain hand-held units need to have their interface mode changed in order to put them in a host mode.


Step 1

Navigate to the system menu on your Garmin unit. Different Garmin products have slightly different locations for this menu, so consult the user manual if the system menu can't be located from the main menu.

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Step 2

Navigate to the "Interface mode" or "Interface." Select "Garmin" mode. On older models, this can be named any of the following: "Garmin," "GRMN," "Data Transfer," or "Host."


Step 3

Sometimes the GPS can cause a connection problem for touchscreen GPS units using the Garmin operating navigation system. To fix this, select the tool (also known as the wrench) icon at the main menu.


Step 4

Select "System," then "GPS Mode," then select "Normal." At this screen, change the setting to "GPS Off."



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