How to Set Google Chrome Default Language to English

By Steve Gregory

You can change Google Chrome 41's browser interface language -- that is, the text that populates the browser's dialog boxes and menus -- through the Languages section of the browser's Settings page. Chrome supports versions of the English language from several countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. Use the Languages section's Add Language feature to find the version of English that you want to set as the browser's default language.

Step 1

Open the Chrome drop-down menu by clicking the **Chrome menu** button (the icon looks like three stacked lines) and then select the **Settings** option to open the browser's Settings page.

Step 2

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the **Show advanced settings** text link to reveal the list of Chrome's advanced settings.

Step 3

Click **Language and input settings** under Languages to open the Languages box.

Step 4

Click **Add** to open the Add Language box. The highlighted language in the Languages panel is the current default language.

Step 5

Click the **Languages** drop-down box and then select the English language that you want to use, such as **English (United Kingdom)**. Click the **OK** button to add the language to the Languages panel.

Step 6

Select the new English language that you want to use and then click the **Display Google Chrome in this language** button.

Step 7

Click the **Done** button and then restart Chrome to set the new language.

Tips & Warnings

  • Unlike Chrome for Windows, you cannot change the Mac OS X version of Chrome's browser interface language through the browser's Settings page. The Language and Region section of OS X Yosemite's System Preferences utility has the settings to change Chrome's browser interface language. Open the "Apple" menu, choose "System Preferences" and then select "Language and Region."
  • If you browse to a Web page that is not written in English, click the "Translate" button on the pop-up dialog box under the browser's Address bar to translate the page. Alternatively, you can translate the page to English by right-clicking the page and then selecting "Translate to English" from the pop-up menu.