How to Set Up a Laptop Docking Station

By Cooper Temple

Due to the popularity of telecommuting and wireless networks, notebook computers have become a popular item for both personal and business use. Because of the portability of these computers and their battery limitations, laptop docking stations serve as a base for peripherals as well as a battery charger. You can set up a docking station to use with your laptop.

Things You'll Need

  • Docking station or port replicator
  • Peripheral and power cables

Step 1

Make certain that you are facing the rear of the docking station in order to have easy access to the appropriate ports. This will make set up less time consuming.

Step 2

Insert the power cord into the appropriate port on the docking station. The power port is usually marked with an icon that is a solid vertical line over three shorter vertical lines. Avoid plugging the cord into a wall outlet to avoid a shock or short during setup.

Step 3

Run the network cable from your modem into the network port on the docking station. The network cable port is marked with an icon that is one square connected to two squares beneath it.

Step 4

Take the cable from your monitor and insert it into the appropriate port on the docking station. Depending on the type of monitor you have, you could use wither the 9-pin "male" port or the 15-pin "female" port. The monitor port is generally marked with an icon that looks like a blank screen.

Step 5

Determine whether your mouse, keyboard and printer use USB ports. If so, plug the monitor and keyboard cords into any available USB port on the docking station. If you have a keyboard and monitor connect with a PS/2 cord, insert them into the appropriate ports on the back of the docking station. The PS/2 ports are usually color coded and clearly labeled with a keyboard and mouse icon. If your printer uses a parallel port, they are also clearly marked with a printer icon.

Step 6

Plug the power cord into a wall outlet and place the docking station in an easily accessible location on your desk. Place the laptop on to the dock and turn the docking station power on.

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