How to Set Up Many Netflix Profiles Under One Account

By Aaron Parson

Add up to five profiles to your Netflix account to separate your activity, ratings and recommendations.

Things You'll Need

  • Netflix Account

When more than one person in your home uses the same Netflix account, set up individual profiles for each to keep lists, viewing history, ratings and recommendations separate. Each profile also has its own parental control settings, helping to limit what each of your children can watch. Netflix only allows up to five profiles per account, however, so in larger families, you'll have to share profiles.


  • Some outdated Netflix apps, such as those on old Blu-ray players, don't have profile support. When you use Netflix on these devices, you're limited to using your original profile. The Netflix website and the iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps all support profiles.
  • Profiles have no relation to how many concurrent streams you're allowed to watch on one account. The regular subscription plan allows two streams at a time, regardless of profile.

Mobile Apps

Step 1

Open the menu in the Netflix app and tap Switch Profile.

Step 2

Proflie list

Tap Add Profile. This option only appears when you have fewer than five profiles in the list.

Step 3

Add profile screen

Name the new profile, tap Picture if you want to choose a different icon from a list — you can't upload your own photo — and toggle For Kids if you want to set the profile as a kid's profile. Tap Save to finish.


To edit an existing profile or set more specific parental controls, use the Netflix website on a computer.

Netflix Website

When you first open the Netflix website, a profile selector pops up with an option to add a new profile. If you're already signed into the account with your own profile, add a new one with the following method:

Step 1

Profile menu

Mouse over your profile icon in the upper right corner of the page and choose Manage Profiles.

Step 2

Add a profile

Click Add Profile. If you already have five profiles, you'll have to delete one (click Edit and Delete Profile) before creating another.

Step 3

Add profile screen

Name the profile, check Kid if you're making a profile for a child and then click Continue.


Unlike in the mobile app, you dont't set the profile icon while adding a profile on the website. To change the icon, edit the profile after creation and click the icon.

Step 4

Edit parental controls

Click Edit by a profile to set more detailed parental controls. Netflix has four tiers of age restrictions — Little Kids, Older Kids, Teens and Adults — and a checkbox for Kid 12 & Under, which provides a kid-friendly interface and prevents linking with Facebook. Click Done to save your changes.