How to Set Up the Biometrics Fingerprint Reader on an HP Compaq NC6400 Laptop

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HP Compaq nc6400 Laptop

The HP Compaq nc6400 Laptop is a specialized business laptop that comes with advanced security features including a biometrics fingerprint reader. Biometrics means measurement of biological identity markers. Retina scans and fingerprint readers are the most common biometric devices. Setting up the biometrics fingerprint reader on the HP Compaq nc6400 Laptop is simple with the pre-installed "Protect Tools Credential Manager" Wizards.


Step 1

Click on "Start," "All Programs" and "ProtectTools Security Manager." Select the "Credential Manager" Tab.

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Step 2

Click "Log On" in the "My Identity" page. The Credential Manager Wizard will open. Click "Next" if you are the only user on the computer. If not, enter the Windows user name of the person whose fingerprint needs to be set up.


Step 3

Enter the Windows password if you have one. If not, click "Finish."

Step 4

Click "Register Fingerprints" on the "My Services and Applications" window. The "Credential Manager Registration Wizard" will open. Slowly slide your finger downward over the fingerprint scanner. Do this repeatedly. When the finger on the screen turns green, you have finished registering that fingerprint.



Step 5

Click on a different finger on the screen to register it. Repeat as above. You must register at least two fingers to complete set up of the biometrics fingerprint reader. Click "Finish" when complete.



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