How to Use a Dell Fingerprint Reader

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Many Dell notebook computer systems can be configured with a fingerprint reader, which is a biometric security device that protects sensitive information such as website log-on information. These fingerprint readers, which are produced by DigitalPersona, can be controlled and configured using a related program which is distributed with, and pre-installed on, appropriate Dell systems.



Step 1

Open the DigitalPersona software by clicking on the fingerprint icon in your Windows taskbar. Click on "Profile" in the "Options" pane on the left of the program window. Select the "Fingerprints" tab and select the finger or finger you'd like to register. Swipe your finger slowly and smoothly over the scanner four times. The software will tell you that your fingerprint has been accepted.


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Step 2

Link sensitive account information. As long as the DigitalPersona software is running, any time you open a website with a log-in and password field you'll see a blue icon floating on the upper left portion of your screen. Click on that icon and select "Add Account." An "Add New Account" window will pop up, with text fields for your username or email address and your password. Enter the information that you would normally enter on the website and click "OK."


Step 3

Refresh the website and make sure that your log-in information has been successfully linked to your fingerprint by swiping one of your registered fingers across the scanner.


Step 4

Purchase extra file protection. Dell computers that come with a fingerprint scanner include a free copy of the basic DigitalPersona software. For around $15, you can purchase an upgrade to the software that will allow you to secure your files and programs by requiring a successful fingerprint scan prior to opening. To upgrade, open the DigitalPersona software and click on "More Protection."




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