How Do I Watch U-Verse on My Laptop?

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You can watch AT&T U-Verse on your laptop computer.
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AT&T U-Verse offers its customers the ability to stream movies and television shows online as well as view live streams of a select number of channels, such as Fox News and CNN. This comes free of charge -- excluding paid, on-demand content such as movie rentals -- as part of any U-Verse TV bundle.


Watch U-Verse Online

Go to the U-Verse Online website and click "Sign in" at the top right. You'll have to log in with your AT&T U-Verse credentials to verify that you are a paying U-Verse customer. When you're logged in, you'll be brought back to the home page, where various shows and live channels are listed for viewing. You also can hover over the "Browse" menu at the top of the page to sort through the types of content you can stream online. Use the search bar to the right to type in specifically what you're looking for, such as the name of a television series.

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