How to Set Up Wireless Printers

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A wireless printer does not have to be connected to a computer to print from that computer. This type of printer can be especially beneficial on a wireless network where many computers need to access the same printer. Before any computer can print to that printer, however, it must be set up properly.


Things You'll Need

  • wireless computer
  • wireless printer
  • USB cables
  • printer software

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Step 1

Click "Start" and then "Devices and Printers."


Step 2

Click the "Add a printer" option toward the top of the window. A new window will open.

Step 3

Click the "Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer" option. Your computer will search for available printers to add.


Step 4

Click the name of the printer you want to add in the list of results and click "Next."


Step 5

Click "Install driver" if prompted.

Step 6

Follow the onscreen instructions and click "Finish" when done. You have successfully set up a wireless printer.


Tips & Warnings

  • Install your printer software onto all of the computers in your wireless network to be able to print from any computer in the network.



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