How to Shoot in Continuous on a D5000

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Capture a sequence of movement using continuous shooting mode.

While the motion blur created by a slow shutter speed can convey a sense of movement, occasionally you will need to completely freeze the action in front of you. In continuous shooting mode, the shutter opens and closes in a rapid series of actuations. With a speed of four frames per second, the Nikon D5000 can create a sequence of nearly any fast action, whether it be a skateboard trick, basketball shot or wrestling move.


Step 1

Move the power switch on the top right of the camera body to the "On" position. Rotate the mode dial, located just beneath the power switch, to "Auto" mode.

Step 2

Press the "i" button, located in the lower left corner on the back of the camera, to access the shooting information menu.

Step 3

Use the down arrow on the directional pad to highlight the shutter release option, represented by an "S" bordered with a square. "Shutter Release" is just beneath the ISO selection option on the menu. Press the "OK" button to select the option.


Step 4

Highlight continuous shooting mode, symbolized by three stacked squares to represent sequential frames. Press "OK" to engage continuous shooting mode.

Step 5

Move down to the focus selection option in the menu, located just below the shutter release option. Press "OK." Select "AF-C" or "3-D Subject Tracking" to ensure proper focus during continuous shooting mode.

Step 6

Look through the viewfinder and compose your image. Depress the shutter button halfway to lock the camera's focus on your subject.

Step 7

Hold the shutter button down to begin continuous shooting. The shutter will continue actuating as long as you hold the button down.