How to Sign an Email Letter

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There may be times when you wish to include your written signature in an email letter, to make it look more professional, or to add a personal touch. This can be accomplished readily if you have access to a scanner with which to electronically import an image of you signature to your computer. The signature is saved as a jpeg image file, and can be inserted in your email just like a photograph at the bottom of your letter. You need to scan the signature at a high enough resolution so it is clear in the email. In addition, if you are adding the signature for legal purposes, the law regarding email signatures varies from place to place, so check with your legal counsel before depending on the legality of an email signature for any purpose.


Step 1

Place the hard copy of your signature on the flat bed of the scanner.

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Step 2

Set the scanner options. For resolution, 150 dpi works well, but 200 dpi will be sharper if you are more worried about the quality of the signature than file size. You need not go above that. Leave the output at actual size for a normal signature size that would appear on a letter. Use grayscale setting, rather than color (RGB or CMYK, color setting). Black and white is not as good since it creates odd contrast, but if your signature is not on white paper try this, rather than grayscale, first.


Step 3

Do a preview scan, which will show you what the signature will look like.

Step 4

Scan the image if the preview is satisfactory. If not, review and revise the scanner settings.

Step 5

Save the image as a jpeg file on the desktop of your computer, or other folder or directory where it will be easy to find.

Step 6

Go to your email program and compose your email. When done, set the cursor at the bottom of your letter, after your sign off, and insert the jpeg of your signature. On some operating systems you can drag the image to the proper place from your desktop or other folder; on others, you must upload the signature as an image. Be sure your cursor is placed where you want the signature prior to uploading.

Things You'll Need

  • Scanner

  • Computer

  • Hard copy of signature