How to Sort a Table in Ascending Order in Microsoft Word

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Sorting in ascending order starts with the smallest number and moves upward.

Word's sorting tool, often used for alphabetizing bibliographies or other text-based lists, can also sort numerical information in lists or in tables. You can even choose which column Word will use to sort the table; the standard method uses the first column to sort in ascending order, but you can select a different column if desired. Word will automatically compare the numerical values in that column and rearrange the rows, organizing the cells in the selected column by ascending order.


Step 1

Open the document and click anywhere in the table that you want to sort.

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Step 2

Click the "Home" tab on the Ribbon.

Step 3

Click the "Sort" icon, in the Paragraph group on the Ribbon. The icon displays a capital "A," a capital "Z" and a downward arrow. Clicking this icon activates the Sort dialog box.


Step 4

Select "Column 1" -- or whichever column you prefer -- in the first field under the heading "Sort by."


Step 5

Select "Number" under the field "Type."


Step 6

Click the circle next to the option "Ascending."

Step 7

Click "OK" at the bottom of the Sort dialog box.




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