How to Speed Up an Acer Aspire One

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The Acer Aspire One is an inexpensive laptop that gives you all of the perks and benefits of other brands of laptops. However, as time goes by after you purchase the computer, you may notice that the laptop is slower than what it used to be. This is due to a variety of different reasons, most of which you can fix yourself without taking the computer into a service center.


Step 1

Power on the Acer Aspire One and wait for the operating system to load completely.

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Step 2

Launch the "Control Panel" and select "Add/Remove Programs." This opens a window displaying all of the programs currently installed on the system. Over time, the hard drive is taken over by unused programs that can significantly slow the performance of the computer down. Click any program you no longer use and select "Remove." This removes the program's files from the computer.


Step 3

Open your Internet browser, click the "Tools" tab, and remove all of the cookies, cache and Internet history from your computer. This information can build up and not only slow down your Internet connection speed but your Acer Aspire One's performance, as well.


Step 4

Click "Start," "All Programs," "Accessories" and "Disk Defrag" to run the disk defragmentation program. This reorganizes the hard drive so it runs smoothly.


Step 5

Install a system utilities program on your laptop. For example, Glary Utilities gives you a few computer cleanup options your computer does not, namely for the registry and other items on the computer. Run the computer scan option and it searches your computer for unnecessary files on the system. Click "Remove" and the files are removed. You should instantly notice a pickup in speed on your Acer Aspire One.



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