How to Splice a Broken Phone Charger

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Phone chargers often end up with broken wires, preventing them from charging your phone. Frequent moving and plugging and unplugging each day can cause a fragile wire in the cord to break. The electrical current cannot cross the gap created by the break to charge your phone. However, if you can eliminate the gap by bringing the broken ends together, the phone charger will work again. Before investing in a new phone charger try splicing the broken wires together.


Step 1

Locate the broken wire in the cord of the phone charger.

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Step 2

Cut the charger cord completely apart at the break using the wire cutters.

Step 3

Strip approximately one-half inch of coating off from both cut ends of the wire using the wire strippers.


Step 4

Touch the matching wires together and place a wire nut over them.


Step 5

Twist the wire nut several times until the wires are securely connected inside the wire nut. Repeat this step for each wire in the phone charger cord.

Step 6

Wrap the connected wires in electrical tape to reduce exposure and stress on the repair.

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