How to Start Using the Finger Scanner on an EliteBook 6930P

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Biometric fingerprint scanning helps prevent unauthorized use of your HP laptop.
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Hewlett-Packard's EliteBook 6930P laptop is equipped with a biometric fingerprint scanner that you can use as an added security feature. The log-in process doesn't require a fingerprint scan if you haven't enabled the feature. Set up and enable the finger scan feature to start using biometric authentication on your HP laptop.


Step 1

Open the "ProtectTools Security Manager" folder on your HP computer, and then choose "Credential Manager."

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Step 2

Click the "Log On" button. Type in the username of the Windows account for which you are setting up the fingerprint scanner. Leave the username field blank if you are the only user. Click "Next."


Step 3

Type your Windows password. Leave the password field blank if you don't have one. Click the "Finish" button.

Step 4

Select the "Register Fingerprints" icon. Slide your index finger across the finger scanner from the top to the bottom as indicated on the screen. Repeat until the finger icon turns green.



Step 5

Choose another finger icon to register. Slide the selected finger across the scanner in the same manner as the previous finger until the icon turns green. Click "Finish" to complete the finger scanner setup.




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