How to Stop Call Forwarding With an Avaya

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There are different ways to unforward Avaya telephones.

Call forwarding allows a person to forward their phone extension to someone else for call coverage when they are absent from their desk. There are three different methods to activate and deactivate call forwarding on Avaya phone sets. Station forwarding activation and deactivation is accomplished using either a call forward button or feature access code. Enhanced call forwarding is programmed on the station description form and changed by the system administrator. Enhanced call forwarding is usually done for forwarding extensions on a long-term basis or when someone is unable to directly access his physical telephone set.


Step 1

Press the "Call-Fwd" button on a digital phone to deactivate call forwarding to another station. The "Call-Fwd" button will have a visual indicator shown as a left or right arrow at the side of the button display or the background area shaded when the forwarding feature is active.


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Step 2

Pick up the receiver and type the call forward deactivation feature code on the telephone keypad to deactivate forwarded calls if the station is not set up with a "Call-Fwd" button.

Step 3

Launch the Avaya Site Administration software application. Click the down arrow in the system box at the upper right of your screen and select the system you want to connect to.


Step 4

Click the "System" tab, select "General," then click on "Start GEDI." Wait as the application sets up the connection path to the Communications Manager server.

Step 5

Click the action window at located at the top left portion of the screen. Type in the command "change station" in lowercase followed by the extension number you want to deactivate enhanced call forwarding from.


Step 6

Click on the number "3" tab at found at the upper portion of the screen. Notice the Enhanced Call Forwarding section with 6 options of call forwarding settings. The settings are for unconditional internal and external calls, busy for internal and external calls and no reply for internal and external calls.



Step 7

Click on the "Active" box to the right of the forwarding destination entries and type "N" in each box you want to deactivate the call forwarding feature.

Step 8

Click the "Enter" tab at the top of the screen.


Step 9

Check the call forwarding by typing "status station" in lowercase followed by the extension. Click on the page 2 tab and check the call forwarding information at the bottom of the screen to ensure the call forwarding has been removed.

Step 10

Click in the action box and type "display feature-access-codes" in lowercase to find the call forward feature activation and deactivation codes. They are found in the center portion of the first screen. The call forwarding activation code is on the left side and the deactivation code is on the right. Click the cancel key when finished.

Step 11

Log off the system.

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