How to Reset the Extension on an Avaya Phone

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Performing a reset or restart on an Avaya phone extension

On occasion, an Avaya digital or IP phone can lock up, which requires the phone extension to be reset or restarted. This is done by logging into the Avaya PBX (Private Branch Exchange) server. This action is performed by a system administrator with an active login account into the system. These commands require the person performing the reset to have special Avaya maintenance permissions included in the administrator's login access. Follow these steps to reset an Avaya phone.


Step 1

Launch the Avaya Site Administration software. Log into the system with your current username and password. Select the system you want to connect to in the menu located at the upper right portion of your screen. Click the "System" tab and then "General." Click on the "Start GEDI" option. Wait until the connection to the Avaya phone system server has been established.


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Step 2

Type in the command "status station" followed by the extension number you want to reset in the action bar at the top left of the screen. Examine the information at the top right portion of the screen. Note the "service state" and the "status" indication. Restarting the extension will not resolve any issues if the information in this field indicates a disconnected state. Research and correct the connectivity issue before proceeding.


Step 3

Type "busyout station" and the extension number in the action bar. Type "status station" and the extension to confirm the station has been taken out of service. The current state is indicated in the upper right portion of the screen. Click the "Cancel" tab to release the status command.



Step 4

Type "release station" followed by the extension number in the action bar. The result of the station release will appear on your screen. Type "status station" and extension number to ensure the station is back in service. The reset has been completed.

Step 5

Go to the station and test it to make sure it is working properly.




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