How to Reset a Metro PCS Voicemail Password Without Customer Support

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MetroPCS is a no-contract wireless phone company that offers affordable plans for subscribers. Like other services, the plan includes access to a voice mail system. If you feel that the privacy of your voice mail password has been compromised, change it immediately. To reset your MetroPCS voice mail password without calling a customer service representative, call into the voice mail service from your handset.


Step 1

Dial "611" from your handset to access your myMetro phone-based system, which displays on your phone's screen.

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Step 2

Press "Option 3" for "myMetro Settings," then press "Option 3" once more to access the "Reset Voice Mail PIN" option.


Step 3

Enter your current voice mail PIN when prompted for verification to proceed.

Step 4

Confirm you want to change your voice mail PIN by selecting the "Yes, Reset PIN" option. The system generates a new temporary PIN automatically. Write down the number and end the connection to myMetro.



Step 5

Press and hold the "1" key to access your voice mail system. Enter the temporary password when prompted, then choose a new voice mail password to use from this point forward. Confirm the new password, and continue to access your voice mail system or end the call.



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