How to Stream From My Laptop to My Television

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Stream video from your laptop to a TV with a simple cable connection.

Streaming video from your laptop to a TV lets you enjoy online content on a much larger screen. Virtually all laptops are equipped with a port for connecting an external monitor. Use the port for connecting to a TV. The type of cable connection you'll need depends on the available ports on your laptop and TV. You'll typically connect with either a VGA or S-video cable. Both are available at electronics and computer stores.


Step 1

Connect one end of your video cable to the video output port on the back or edge of your laptop.

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Step 2

Hook up the opposite end of the cable to a matching port on the back of your TV.

Step 3

Push and hold the laptop's "Fn" key while pressing one of the numbered "F" keys along the top row. The correct key to press varies with different laptop models, but often features a small video-screen icon. Pressing "Fn" and the correct "F" key switches the video display from your laptop to a connected device.


Step 4

Press the TV's input button on the remote control until the main screen for your laptop appears on the TV.


Step 5

Open an Internet browser on your laptop and type in the address of a video website, such as Hulu, NetFlix, or MetaCafe.

Step 6

Select and start a Web program for viewing. The content will be streamed to your TV set for viewing on the larger screen.