How to Tell if an Ethernet Card Is Bad

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The Ethernet card, also known as a network interface card or network adapter, supports Ethernet host devices on your computer so that you can access the Internet with a high-speed cable connection. If you are receiving an error message when trying to connect to the Internet and your ISP provider is working properly, there could be a problem with your Ethernet card. Fortunately, there is a simple way to find out if your Ethernet card is working properly.


Step 1

Access System Properties. Select "Start", "Control Panel" and then select the System icon to access the System Properties menu. You can also right-click "My Computer" on the desktop and select "Properties."

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Step 2

Open the Device Manager. Select the "Hardware" tab from the top of the page, then click on "Device Manager" located in the middle right of the page. The Device Manager is used to change and review the properties of hardware on your computer.


Step 3

Locate your Ethernet Adapter or network card. Expand the section for "Network Adapters" by clicking on the (+) sign next to "Network Adapters." You will see your Ethernet card's information directly underneath. Right click on the adapter name and select "Properties."



Step 4

Check the device status. Look in the middle of the screen on the "General" tab of the device properties menu to make sure it reads "The device is working properly." You now have an option to troubleshoot the device if necessary.

Step 5

Click OK to return to the main screen. If the device is working properly, select "OK" at the bottom of the device properties menu. If the device is not working properly, you will need to Troubleshoot or call technical support for further assistance.




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