How to Tell If Someone Is Tracking Your Phone

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Certain cell phones have tracking devices or GPS units installed. When you call 911, Federal e911 ((enhanced 911 communications for mobile devices) rules require that your cell phone provider disclose your location. During an emergency call, the closest cell phone tower receives the signal where it is transmitted and read at the police station to determine its origin. However, some consumers reported that their cell phones transmit their location information at all times. No software can to keep your cell phone from intruders, but you can tell when it is tracked.


How to Tell If Someone Is Tracking Your Phone

Step 1

Shut cell phone off. If it does not turn off or stays lit after attempting to turn off, there is hidden software installed.

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Step 2

Observe how often you charge your cell phone. Security experts found that charging it too frequently suggests a spying device is running on your phone, draining battery power sooner.

Step 3

Ensure that your phone does not light up randomly when not in use. This indicates a tracking device is at work picking up information of your whereabouts.


Although cell phone tracking systems are available through surveillance companies, having your phone provider de-install the hidden software from your cell phone is the only solution. They will restore the factory settings. Keep a close guard on your phone to prevent anyone from installing any device in it. Do not accept a Bluetooth device from anyone.