How to Use a Tracfone SIM With an iPhone

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TracFone is a prepaid wireless service provider that uses the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) technology. All GSM-based cell phones feature Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards. The iPhone is a GSM based smart phone. The iPhone is normally sold with a carrier lock. However, if your iPhone is unlocked, you can use your iPhone with a TracFone SIM card to make and receive calls and text messages. TracFone does not offer cellular data service, so your cellular data will not work with an iPhone using a TracFone SIM card.


Step 1

Purchase minutes for your TracFone SIM card. You can purchase minutes online through TracFone's website, or you can call TracFone at (800) 867-7183.

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Step 2

Power off the iPhone.

Step 3

Fold one end the paperclip so that the end is exposed.


Step 4

Press the exposed end of the paperclip into the hole located at the top of the iPhone. If you are looking at the back of the iPhone, the hole is located to the left of the headphone jack. The SIM tray will pop out slightly from the top of the iPhone.

Step 5

Pull the SIM tray out of the iPhone.


Step 6

Take the existing SIM out of the SIM tray and replace it with the TracFone SIM card.


Step 7

Push the SIM card tray back into the slot exposed at the top of the iPhone.

Step 8

Power on the iPhone. You should see the TracFone logo in the upper-left corner of the iPhone.


Step 9

Make and receive calls and text messages as normal using your iPhone. Transferring your TracFone SIM card to the iPhone allows you to make and receive your TracFone calls and text messages on your iPhone.




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