How to Tell If Your TV Has a QAM Tuner

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Most modern televisions come with a QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation) tuner, which is a chip that interprets digital television signals and allows you to see certain channels without a cable box. Televisions aren't required to have this particular feature, but most do have it included. You can check for a QAM tuner with several methods to see if you can directly receive digital channels.


Step 1

Use your television remote control to bring up your system menu. Search the menu for an option to scan for digital antennas. If your television is able to scan for a digital antenna signal, a QAM tuner is on your television.

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Step 2

Locate your television's manual and check through the instructions to see whether it mentions a QAM tuner. If so, a tuner is present.


Step 3

Search your television's model number exactly at the manufacturer's website. The technical specifications for this television will include whether a QAM tuner is installed on the model or if it is not present.





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