How to Test My Router Speed

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Routers run at different speeds.

A device, known as a router, used in computer networking, transfers or routes data to various destinations based on their addresses. The Internet is the most common network in which information is transferred. The speed at which a router performs may vary depending on the connection. To let you quickly and easily check a router's speed, numerous websites provide free tests. These tests only require a few short steps.


Step 1

Enter the URL to one of the many online free testing tools into your Internet browser., and are examples of websites offering such tests. (See Resources.)

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Step 2

Click the button indicating the start of the test, labeled "Begin Test" or "Start." The test will run for about 20 seconds.


Step 3

Take notice of the test results. The test will produce results indicating the speed of download, ping and upload, all related to the transfer speed of your router.




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