How to Test Your CPU Speed Online

How to Test Your CPU Speed Online
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With the ever-growing list of applications and innovations that demand sophisticated performance from your computer hardware, it should come as no surprise that many individuals are eager to assess how well their hardware compares to current industry benchmarks. Thanks to a variety of online services, it is now possible to run a complete scan of your computer exclusively through the internet. These diagnostic tests determine the true speed of your computer and, in some situations, provide recommendations on how to improve your hardware. If you are ready to test your computer speed, you can do so quickly with a variety of straightforward tools.


A variety of online benchmarking tools allows you to evaluate and assess various elements of your computer's performance. Depending on your specific needs, however, you may need to download performance testing software.

CPU Processor Speed Test Basics

If you are ready to begin testing your CPU's performance, your first step should be to determine what specific element of your computer's performance you are hoping to assess. If you are aiming to test your computer's processing speed, your best option is to use an established service provider. Online tests include SilverBench and CPU UserBenchmark. However, most CPU performance services require you to download a software package that provides an intensive analysis of your hardware. Some popular examples of downloadable CPU performance testers include Prime95, SiSoftware Sandra and NovaBench. This list is by no means comprehensive, however.

As a rule, you should not download and install software claiming to offer speed processor tests unless it comes from a trusted provider. In some situations, this software may be a form of malware that could infect your computer with viruses. When in doubt, search for online reviews of the software in question and carefully read what other users have said about their experiences it.

Other Speed Tests to Explore

If you are interested in exploring other elements of your computer's performance, you can take advantage of a wide variety of additional tests. For example, a popular online analysis tool is an internet connection speed test. These are particularly useful if you suspect that your internet connection speeds are slower than they should be based on the subscription you purchased from your provider. Two of the more popular internet connection speed testing services to explore are and, and there are others.

Avid gamers benefit from diagnostic tools that evaluate the speed of their graphics cards. However, these tests require users to download software to complete the task efficiently. Given the fact that a slow graphics cards can significantly affect overall performance, this popular diagnostic tool is used routinely by serious gamers. GFXBench and Superposition are two of the popular free tools used by gamers.

Further Thoughts on Benchmark Tests

When you begin to test your computer, you may be surprised, either for better or worse, on the results you obtain. If you are disappointed by your computer's performance, keep in mind that your hardware only needs to be fast enough to support the specific tasks you are working on.

Don't get caught up comparing your hardware to current industry leaders. If your computer meets your needs sufficiently, you have more than enough performance capability at your fingers.