How to Transfer a DVD to a Flash Drive

By J.S. Copper

USB flash drives have become an easier way to store and transfer data than burning CDs and DVDs. USB flash drives are nearly infinitely re-writable, whereas most DVDs can only be written to a few times. The flash drives are also easier to carry around, without worry of scratching. In order to transfer the contents of the DVD to a USB flash drive, you can simply copy and paste between the two.

Things You'll Need

  • USB flash drive

Step 1

Insert the DVD into the optical drive.

Step 2

Open "Computer" (or "My Computer") and right-click the inserted DVD. Select "Explore." A new window will open with the contents of the DVD.

Step 3

Insert a USB flash drive into a USB port.

Step 4

Open "Compuer" again and right-click the inserted USB flash drive. Select "Explore." A window with the contents of the USB flash drive will open.

Step 5

Drag the entire contents of the DVD drive from the DVD's contents window to the USB flash drive's window. Allow the computer time to copy the files; it may take a while. Once complete, you can run the files off the USB flash drive as if they were run off the DVD.

Tips & Warnings

  • This will not work for DVDs that boot the system (Windows Setup discs) or copy-protected DVDs (movies).