How to Transfer Files Between Two Computers

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A digital illustration of documents being transferred between two devices.
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If you have multiple computers, you might want to transfer files between them. For example, you could transfer a Word document from a desktop PC to a laptop so that you can work with it on the go. You can transfer files between computers in several different ways. Pick a way that is most convenient for you.


Step 1

Insert a blank CD or DVD into one of the computer's optical drives, if the drive is capable of burning discs. Windows will automatically give you the option to burn a new disc. You can drag and drop files onto the blank disc's folder on your desktop. When you are finished, eject the disc and put it into the other computer. Drag the files from the disc's folder to the desktop on the second computer.

Step 2

Insert a USB flash drive into one of the computers. Drag the files to copy from their location on the computer's hard drive to the USB drive's icon to copy them. Eject and remove the USB drive when you finish. Insert it into the second computer and copy the files.


Step 3

Send an email to yourself with a file to transfer attached. This will only work for smaller files. After sending the email, open the email on the second computer. Download the attachment.

Step 4

Sign up for an online file locker like RapidShare, Megaupload or Dropbox. Upload files to the service, then download them onto the second computer.

Step 5

Connect the two computers with a crossover cable. You will need to get the IP address for the computer you want to transfer files to. Then, you need an FTP client on the computer that has the files. Connect to the second computer on the FTP client and transfer the files. How you do this depends on the FTP client you use.