How to Transfer Files From a Mobile Phone to a PC for Free

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Transfer files from your cell phone to your PC with a USB data cable.

Today's mobile phones are capable of much more than simple telephone calls. Even the most basic devices have the ability to connect to your desktop computer to transfer files and photos or synchronize data. With the proper hardware, this task can be completed without additional cost.


Step 1

Connect your mobile phone to your desktop computer. Plug one end of the USB data cable into your phone and the other end into an available USB port on your PC. The computer should automatically detect the presence of the phone and prepare itself for proper communication.

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Step 2

Access your mobile phone's files. From your desktop computer, double-click the "My Computer" icon to view a list of hard drives and removable storage devices. Double-click the icon representing your cellular phone.


Step 3

Locate the files to be transferred. Browse through your mobile phone's file system until you reach the folder containing the files you want on your desktop computer.

Step 4

Select the files to be transferred. Hold down the "CTRL" key on your computer keyboard and left-click each file. Once you have made your selection and highlighted each individual file, right-click and choose "Cut" from the list of options that appears.


Step 5

Initiate the transfer. Navigate to the folder on your desktop PC where you want to store your mobile phone files. Choose "Edit" from the toolbar at the top of the folder window and select "Paste." This will immediately begin the process of removing the chosen files from your mobile phone and transferring them to your computer.


If both your mobile phone and desktop PC have the ability to connect via Bluetooth, you can accomplish the same tasks without the need for a USB data cable.


Do not power off your phone or unplug the USB data cable during the file transfer process. Doing so may result in corruption of the files or unrecoverable data loss.

Not all computers have the ability to connect to and communicate with cell phones and not all cell phones, especially older devices, automatically show up on your PC as removable storage or show up at all. If you experience problems, visit your mobile phone manufacturer's website. Most device manufacturers provide connectivity software to facilitate the transfer of files to and from their phones.