How to Transfer Fonts From One Computer to Another

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A font is a graphical typeface used in word processing or by designers in graphic and image editing programs. A font can change the style, mood, or feel of a document or image and are in invaluable to creative professionals. Installed fonts on one computer can easily be transferred to another computer to ensure uniformity across different workspaces and projects.


Step 1

Navigate to your Font folder by opening Windows Explorer and going to C:\Windows\Fonts.

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Step 2

Select the fonts you want to transfer to another computer. You can select multiple fonts by pressing and holding CTRL and clicking each font or by dragging and highlighting if they are grouped together.


Step 3

Right-click on your selection and click "Copy" from the resulting menu.

Step 4

Insert your USB flash drive or external hard drive and navigate to it by clicking "Start" and clicking "Computer" or "My Computer." The device will be listed under "Devices with Removable Storage."


Step 5

Right-click on the drive and click "Paste" from the resulting menu. Allow the transfer to complete before removing the flash or external hard drive from your computer.


Step 6

Insert the USB flash drive or external drive into the computer to which you want to transfer the fonts and navigate to its location.


Step 7

Select the fonts you want to copy, right-click on the selection and click "Copy" from the resulting menu.

Step 8

Open Windows Explorer, navigate to C:\Windows\Fonts, right-click on an empty area and select "Paste" from the resulting menu. Windows will install the fonts on your computer.

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