How to Troubleshoot a Bosch Power Box With a Power Button That Doesn't Work

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The Bosch Power Box series of sturdy outdoor radios comes with a control panel that gives easy access to the radio controls and digital clock settings. Like any piece of electrical equipment, particularly those used outside in tough environments, the radio may occasionally experience power problems. Troubleshoot the fuse and main power outlet setup to get the Bosch Power Box working correctly again.


Step 1

Check the 12V DC outlet fuse; the unit's power button may stop working if the fuse has blown. Unscrew the fuse cap in a counterclockwise fashion by hand. Remove the blown fuse. Put in a 5 by 20 mm, fast-acting 1 Amp fuse by hand. Screw the fuse cap back on in a clockwise fashion. Check the box works by turning on the unit with the control panel's power button and listening to the radio.


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Step 2

Examine the power outlet setup, because an improper or malfunctioning power supply might stop the radio from powering on. Plug the AC power cord into one of the four ground fault circuit interrupter GFCI outlets, located on the unit's right side. Wait for the GFCI power indicator button to glow red.


Step 3

Press the Test button and hold the button down until the indicator's red light switches off. Press the Reset button and hold it until the indicator light glows red once again to complete the GFCI test.


Step 4

Reset the radio to troubleshoot other possible power issues. Remove the battery by pressing down the battery door release latch. Remove the battery pack from the unit and then unplug the AC power cord from the unit and its power source


Step 5

Wait for 30 seconds after removing both the battery pack and power cord from the unit. Plug the cord back in and replace the battery pack. Turn the unit on with the power button and try to listen to the radio.



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