How to Troubleshoot a Griffin iTrip

If you have headphones connected to your audio device, disconnect them.
Image Credit: Chad Baker/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Griffin's line of iTrip devices is designed to play music from your smartphone and portable audio devices through your car stereo. If your iTrip is not doing that, take a moment to troubleshoot the iTrip's connections and radio tuning setup.

Check Connections

Before moving on to advanced troubleshooting, verify that the Griffin iTrip device is connected properly to your smartphone, iPod or other audio player. The manner in which the iTrip connects to your audio player varies depending on the iTrip model. The iTrip Auto Universal, for example, plugs in to the standard 3.5 mm audio output or headphone jack. The iTrip Auto and iTrip for iPod Nano plug in directly to the dock connection on the bottom of Apple media devices. If necessary, gently remove any dirt or debris from the ports on your audio device to ensure a firm connection.

Check Media Device

Check your media device to ensure it's properly set up for use with the iTrip. If the device has a hold mode, make sure it's turned off. Verify that the audio on the device is turned up to at least 80 percent volume. Select a valid audio file on the device and press the Play button to start the track playing.

Radio Tuning

Griffin iTrip devices transmit radio signals to your vehicle's FM tuner. For this transmission to work, the iTrip and your car stereo must be set to the same channel. Turn on your stereo and switch it to an unused frequency where no radio content is currently broadcasting. After you find an empty channel, select this same channel on the iTrip. Alternatively, some iTrip devices have a SmartScan feature that finds an open FM channel for you. If your iTrip has this feature, press the SmartScan button, wait for the device to locate a channel and then select this same channel on your car stereo.

Power and Additional Troubleshooting

Some iTrip models have dedicated USB charging ports. If your iPod or other media device is running out of power, plug its USB cable into the USB charging port so that the device has a constant supply of power.

If your iTrip still isn't getting power after it is plugged in, check your vehicle's fuses to make sure one isn't blown. Consult your vehicle's manual to locate the fuse box. If you've verified that the cigarette adapter is getting power but the iTrip device still won't turn on, unplug the iTrip from your vehicle, wait 15 seconds for the device's SmartFuse to reset itself and then plug it back in.

If these troubleshooting solutions don't solve your problem, all Griffin iTrip devices come with one-year replacement warranties.