How to Troubleshoot a Tritton Headset

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You can troubleshoot commonly experienced issues with the Tritton headset. The headset, designed for gaming on a computer or game console, may occasionally have issues, such as no audio. The microphone may even stop working. Various factors, including the wrong settings, can cause the headset to cease working with your video game system or computer. You may even encounter simple issues with the headset's connections with your console or computer.


Step 1

Check the Tritton headset's connections if the microphone has stopped working with your game console or computer. If the cables aren't properly connected, remove and re-insert the cables and test the microphone.

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Step 2

Check the game console's output settings if the microphone has stopped working following a firmware update. For example, on a PS3, click "Settings" on the home screen, and then click "Audio Output Settings." Ensure "C-Media USB" is selected for both the input and output settings.


Step 3

Check if DTS is disabled if you can't hear any audio while playing games with DTS soundtracks. For the PS3, click "Settings" on the system's home screen, and then click "Sound Settings." Click "Audio Output Settings" and select "Digital Output." Uncheck "DTS 5.1 Ch." and exit to the main screen.



Step 4

Ensure the Tritton headset is connected to a high-powered USB port if it won't turn on. Plug the headset into a different port if you are still unable to use it.



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