How to Troubleshoot Mediacom Modem Lights

Watch the lights on your modem.

Mediacom is a company that provides DSL Internet access for home use. When using the DSL Internet you need a Mediacom DSL modem. When using the modem you are going to notice a series of lights appear on the modem, depending on what is happening with the connection. You can troubleshoot your modem and see what is going on just by watching the lights on the DSL connection.

Step 1

Look at the light next to the "Internet" connection (where the Ethernet cable inserts into the modem from the wall). If this light is green it means you have a good connection. If the light is blinking green it means the connection is powering on and not yet ready yet. However, if the light is orange or yellow the connection is not found

Step 2

Check out the light next to the "Power" reader. This may be the most important light on the modem. If the light is green, the Mediacom modem is powered on. If the green light is not on it means the modem is powered off.

Step 3

Inspect the light next to the connections you have running out of the DSL modem into your computer. If you do not have any connections in some of the ports you are going to see a few green and orange lights blink on when you first turn it on, then when the modem completely powers on the lights go black. If you do have a cable inserted into the port and the connection is secure the green light stays on, however if the cable isn't properly inserted into either the Mediacom DSL modem's port or the "WAN" port on the computer the light is going to appear orange. Insert the cables completely into the two ports to change the color from orange to green.