How to Turn Off Sound in Microsoft Excel

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It only takes a few clicks to save your ears from Excel's dinging.
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While Excel 2013 sports a sleeker, cleaner look than its predecessors and features updated Quick Analysis tools, it still shares many characteristics with Excel 2007 and 2010. Among them is audible feedback, an option that makes small dinging noises in response to your actions in the spreadsheet program. To disable audible feedback, you need only take a quick trip to Excel's Options menu, or you can disable all notification sounds at Windows 8's system level.


Step 1

Access the "File" tab, located on Excel 2013's ribbon, and open the Excel Options menu. When the menu first opens, it presents you with a list of general options, as indicated by the column on the side of the dialog box.

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Step 2

Select "Advanced" from the options in the column -- you'll see it among options such as Formulas, Proofing and Language.

Step 3

Scroll to the option "Provide Feedback with Sound" and uncheck the check box next to this option to disable it.

Step 4

Click the "OK" button to finalize your choice.


In Excel 2007, you can access the Options menu by clicking the Office button and choosing “Excel Options.”

In Excel 2010, you can access Options by clicking the "File" tab, then selecting "Help" and choosing "Options."

Even if you disable audible feedback in Excel, the program still makes a small dinging noise when you press the wrong key or run into an error. To completely disable sound notifications in Windows 8, access the PC Settings menu by clicking the gear-shaped "Settings" icon in the Charms menu -- you can make this menu appear by hovering your mouse in the upper-right corner of the screen. Select “Change PC Settings,” then “Notifications.” Move the slider under “Play notification sounds” to the “Off” position.

To disable sounds at the system level in Windows 8.1, click "Control Panel" under the Settings menu, then choose "Hardware and Sound" and "Change System Sounds." From the drop-down "Sound Scheme" menu, select "No Sounds" and press the "OK" button to confirm your decision.

Visit Microsoft's official Office Support site for additional help with Excel 2013 and other programs in the Office suite.


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