How to Unblock a McAfee-Blocked Site

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When you have McAfee Antivirus installed on a computer, the program not only prevents the download of viruses and hacking attempts on your system, but also provides a built-in feature that recognizes potentially dangerous websites and stops them from opening in your Web browser. If McAfee is blocking a website that you know to be safe, though, you can unblock the blocked website and stop McAfee from blocking it again.


Step 1

Right click the "McAfee" icon that appears in the system tray of your computer and select "Open McAfee Antivirus" to open the McAfee home screen. Click the "Parental Controls" heading from the main screen and click the "Edit" button by "Protect Your Family." Type in the administrator password for your computer if prompted and press the "Enter" key.


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Step 2

Expand the settings for McAfee by clicking the arrow button by a particular username. Click the "Optional Settings" link to open the "Optional Settings" page for that user.

Step 3

Enter the address of the website that you want to unblock through McAfee into the box next to "Website Address." Press the "Allow" button to let your McAfee-protected computer access the website and click the "Add" button to add the website to the permanent list of accepted websites.



Step 4

Add each website that you want to allow one at a time on the "Optional Settings" page and click "Done" once you finish. Repeat the process for each user that you want to allow to access the website.




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