How to Unlock a SIM Card on a Samsung Net10 Phone

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Net10 Wireless is a Florida-based prepaid wireless phone service provider. A handful of cell phone manufactures, including Motorola, LG and Samsung, produce cell phone models which are branded for use on the Net10 network. When a cell phone is branded for use on a particular wireless network, it means that the phone has a network lock on it that restricts the use of the phone to a specific wireless network such as Net10. To use a Samsung Net10 phone on an alternate GSM wireless network, the phone's SIM-lock feature has to be unlocked.


Step 1

Turn off the Samsung Net10 cell phone.

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Step 2

Remove the phone's battery cover and take out the battery.

Step 3

Write down the IMEI number listed on the label on the inside of the phone's battery compartment. It's important that this number is recorded correctly. The IMEI number is needed to obtain the unique code that will unlock the SIM card for your Samsung Net10 cell phone.


Step 4

Slide the Net10 SIM card currently installed in the phone out of its slot. The SIM card slot is located within the battery compartment. Be careful not to damage the gold circuitry contacts on the front of the SIM card.

Step 5

Reinsert the phone's battery. Place the battery cover back on.


Step 6

Obtain the unique code to unlock the SIM for your Samsung Net10 cell phone by ordering the code from a service that unlocks SIM cards, such as or You'll need to supply the service with the IMEI number of your phone. When asked to provide the model number of your Samsung phone, remember that Net10 is the name of the phone carrier, not the model number. The model number of the phone may be, for example, T401G, T404G, T201G or R415C. Refer to the owner's manual for the model number if you are unsure. Be prepared to pay a small fee to complete the order for the code to unlock the SIM card. Instructions on how to enter the code in your phone come with the purchase. However, the basic procedure is outlined in the next steps.


Step 7

Turn on the Samsung Net10 cell phone.

Step 8

Use the phone's number pad to enter the code to unlock the SIM card for your phone. If the correct code was entered properly, "SVC Reset" may appear on the phone's display. The phone will turn off and then power back on by itself. The SIM card should now be unlocked.



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