How to Update a Linked Image in InDesign

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Update links in Illustrator.

As a desktop publishing program, InDesign provides that capabilities to quickly integrate text with images including .psd (Photoshop), .ai (Illustrator), .eps, .gif and .jpg files. Unlike many word processing programs, InDesign does not embed images in the document by default. Instead, it links to the image file. This saves space as you working on the document and allows you to quickly change the image in its native editing program such as Photoshop or Illustrator. Once an image has been modified, you will need to update the image before InDesign can print it as a high-resolution image. The link panel makes it easy to relink, modify and update images.


Step 1

Click "Window" and select "Links" to activate the links panel.

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Step 2

Navigate to the image that you want to update in the link panel or select the image in the document. If there is a yellow triangle next to the image, the image needs to be updated. If there is a stop sign, the image has been moved and is no longer linked to the document.


Step 3

Click on the "Relink" button that is shaped like a broken chain to change the image or locate the image if the image has been moved. Navigate to the correct image and click "Open."


Step 4

Click on the "Edit Original" button that is shaped like a pencil to modify the image in the default program for the image file. Make your changes and resave the image.


Step 5

Click on the "Update Link" button that is shaped like a page with a circular arrow. The image in InDesign will update to the currently saved version.




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