How to Update Maps on a Nextar GPS

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GPS devices help users get directions when they are on the road. Turn-by-turn,, voice-guided navigation makes them popular accessories for drivers. But roads change, new developments pop up and new routes are built. GPS maps need to be periodically updated to continue giving accurate directions. For Nextar GPS units, upgrades are available through the purchase of an SD card directly from the company.


Step 1

Determine the serial number of your Nextar GPS by looking on the back of the unit or on the box it came in. There are two different SD card map upgrades available, and you will need to know the model number and serial number (for certain models) to find the compatible card.

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Step 2

Visit to order the USA and Canada Maps Update. Check the overview description to see which SD card lists your GPS model number and serial number. Order the matching card.


Step 3

Remove the existing SD card. This is usually found in a thin, rectangular slot on the side of the Nextar GPS.

Step 4

Insert the SD card with the maps update into the empty SD card slot. Press until it clicks into place.



Step 5

Reset the unit by pressing the "Reset" button if there is one or pushing the stylus into the "Reset" hole.

Step 6

Click the "Navigation" button to have the maps automatically update on the GPS.



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