How to upload photos to Facebook from your iPhone

By Aaron Parson

Your iPhone has Facebook integration built in, so you don't need anything extra to post on Facebook. For more features, install the Facebook app.

Things You'll Need

  • iPhone
  • Facebook for iPhone app

With iOS 8, you don't need to install any apps to upload a photo to Facebook -- the system has Facebook sharing built in. If you do have the Facebook app, upload your picture from within the app for a few additional features, such as adding stickers to the image.

Upload Without Facebook App

Step 1

If you haven't used Facebook on your phone yet, you need to sign in first. Open the Settings app to the Facebook tab and log in.

Facebook iOS login

Step 2

Run the Photos app and open the image you want to upload. Tap the Share icon in the lower left corner and select Facebook.

Share a photo

Share destinations


To upload multiple photos at once, tap Select in the Photos app, select all the images you want and then tap Share.

Step 3

Add a status update to your picture in the text box to the left of the image. Below the image, optionally select a Facebook Album, add your current Location or switch the Audience who can see the image. When everything's set to your liking, press Post to send the picture.

Sharing to Facebook

Upload With Facebook App

Step 1

Press Photo at the top of your News Feed in the Facebook app. Select one or more pictures and press Done, or, to take a new picture, tap the camera icon.

Post a photo button

Selecting an image

Step 2

At the bottom of your photo, tap the smiley face to add stickers or the Aa icons to add text atop the image. Below the image, there's a row of icons for additional optional features.

Photo options

In order, these icons are:

  • Take a new photo to add
  • Add another photo from your iPhone
  • Place your photo in a Facebook album
  • Tag friends in your photo
  • Add an activity or feeling
  • Add your location

After you're all set, scroll to the top of the page.


To make minor adjustments to the image itself, such as to add a filter or crop the picture, tap directly on the photo to bring up image-editing tools.

Photo editing in Facebook app

Step 3

Add status text in the Say Something... field above the image. Tap To if you want to select a different audience. When you're finished, tap Post to upload the image.

Photo text and audience