How to Use a DVD Player

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How to Use a DVD Player. To use a DVD player, you need to make the right choices from those displayed on the menu. Using the remote that comes with the DVD player, you can choose to fast forward through previews, play movies in widescreen or watch the bonus footage included on a DVD.


Step 1

Make sure the remote control that came with your DVD player is equipped with working batteries. You can perform basic activities like opening the DVD player and playing a DVD from the machine. For most operations, however, you'll use the remote.

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Step 2

Press the "Open" button on the remote. The tray where you place a DVD will extend outward from the machine. Place the DVD label-up in the tray. Close the slot by applying slight pressure to the extended end, or by using the remote control.


Step 3

Decide if you want to watch the previews on your DVD player or if you'd rather fast forward through them. To fast forward, push the button on your remote control that shows two arrows touching each other. Clicking it more than once will increase the speed at which you fast forward through the DVD.



Step 4

Click the "Menu" button on your remote to go directly to a DVD's menu. From this screen, you can choose to play the DVD from the beginning or move directly to a specific scene or chapter. Depending on the DVD, you may also choose to view the movie with subtitles, or watch it in widescreen.



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