How to Burn a PS2 Game on a Mac

Burning a PlayStation 2 game onto DVD with a Mac is possible, as long as you have the game's .ISO file to begin with. It is legal to make backup copies of PS2 games you already own, but it is not legal to make copies of games you do not own. To burn the PS2 game to a DVD, you need to be running Mac OS X so you can use Disk Utility.

DVD-R is used to burn PS2 games on Mac.

Step 1

Place the high-quality DVD-Rs into your Mac's SuperDrive.

Step 2

Open "Disk Utility" in the Utilities folder in the "Go" menu.

Step 3

Select "Open Disk Image" from the file menu and select the PS2 game's .ISO. Press "Open."

Step 4

Select the .ISO image from the list of drives and press "Burn" in the upper left-hand side of the window.

Step 5

Select the slowest burning speed possible, usually 1x, and press "Burn."

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