How to Use a Fujifilm Digital Camera As a Webcam

Use a Fujifilm digital camera instead of a webcam.

Some digital cameras made by Fujifilm can be used as higher-resolution webcams, such as the FinePix F450 and S3100. Using them as such is relatively simple as long as you have the software that came with the camera and access to Windows Messenger.

Step 1

Make sure the Fujifilm camera has webcam capabilities. To determine whether the Fuji camera has webcam capabilities, consult the camera's manual.

Step 2

Insert the installation CD that came with the camera. Double-click on the CD icon, then click the "Install PixView" button. Hit "OK," then follow the Installation Wizard.

Step 3

Hit the "Menu" button on the back of the camera. This likely will be located near the screen on the back of the camera.

Step 4

Navigate to the "Setup" menu using the arrow buttons on the back of the camera. Select the option "USB Mode."

Step 5

Select "WEB Camera." This will look like a small camera icon next to the word "WEB." Turn the camera off. Then connect the camera to a USB port with the USB connector. The USB connector typically comes with the camera and is also used to transfer pictures onto the computer.

Step 6

Turn the camera on so that it is in Photography mode. This is the mode used when taking pictures. A camera icon with the words "PC Camera" will appear.

Step 7

Open FinePixViewer. According to Fujifilm, go to "Help" and click on "How to Use FinePixViewer." This will give the appropriate steps for setting up FinePixViewer for webcam use.

Step 8

Open Windows Messenger to video chat.

Things You'll Need

  • Installation CD

  • USB connector

  • Windows Messenger 5.0 or higher

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