How to Use a Smartphone to Connect Your Laptop

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Connect to the Internet with a smartphone.

Online users use their laptops to surf the net in coffee shops, homes, colleges and other schools and even restaurants that serve fast food. However, if your wireless access point malfunctions or you do not have access to the Internet for some reason, you can still go online if you own a smartphone.


Step 1

Purchase a USB (Universal Serial Bus) plug at a local computer store. Plug one side of the USB in your phone and the other side into a vacant USB opening on your laptop. This plug allows these two machines to communicate with each other and exchange data.

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Step 2

Press the word "Start" on your calling device. Then choose to share an online connection. Make sure to pick the "USB" option when the method of Internet connection prompt appears.


Step 3

Set up your smartphone to perform as a connection device with your laptop when you hit the connect function on your laptop. Navigate to your computer control panel and hit the tab that states "Network Connections." Then establish a new connection between networks.

Step 4

Look on the bottom portion of your computer screen to ensure the presence of an online connection. You may have to wait for a few seconds because this connection can take some time to show up on your laptop. However, if you do not have any active online networks at the time, the entire connection process will begin on its own.


Step 5

Test your laptop to ensure it functions online. After you get on the Internet, go to your favorite social media portal to ensure you have an online connection. If you can go to various web pages, your Internet connection is set up properly.


While most smartphones act as modems, keep in mind that you may have to load additional software to connect your phone with your laptop depending on what type of phone you use.


Before you attempt to use your smartphone as a modem to connect your laptop to the Internet, determine what type of data plan you currently have. If you have a smartphone plan that allows you to use a substantial amount of data each month, feel free to browse the Internet to your heart’s content. However, if you have a limited data plan, proceed with caution when you connect using your smartphone because the additional fees can add up very quickly.