How to Use a Sprint Phone With Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile is the subsidiary pay-as-you go company for Sprint Nextel. Because of this, Sprint customers can use their phones with Boost Mobile, without having to unlock the device from the Sprint network. To activate your Sprint phone on a Boost Mobile account, you must contact Boost to set up an account or swap out your existing device.

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Use a Sprint phone with a Boost Mobile account easily.


Contact Boost Mobile or visit a Boost Mobile store and inform the representative of your intent to set up an account or swap out an existing phone on your Boost account for a Sprint device.


Provide the representative with the information requested of you to set up the account. Provide the representative with the electronic serial number (ESN) from the Sprint phone. The ESN is located on a label inside the battery compartment.


Wait for the representative to finish setting up the account. Follow her instructions to activate the phone.

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